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About Paidia Marka


It all started with our own parenting journey. Just like any other parents in the world we all wanted to raise our kids with the high-quality children’s products. It was not so easy to find everything in one place at the comfort of your own sofa. As a first-time parent, we looked for Baby Led Weaning products in all the usual places, but found that choices were limited. Soon we realized that there is a demand for good baby products in the region. So, with we decided to formulate a one-stop destination that houses the finest quality baby products from around the world! Since then, we keep finding with the hope to build a more intimate relationship with the product and brand and hope to be able promote those amazing product with the other parents. 

The Company

Our Goals & Business Strategies

Our main goal is to distribute niche baby /infants products across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia and offer continues support to our brands principal with market access and local insight. We seek for brands that is equitable, transparent and long term commitment and we aim to treat our brand the same way how we would like to be treated.


Business Core Values

What made us

F = Family

Family run this business and Family is our number 1 priority. We support our family and our family will support our business.

F = Friends

We are friends, we establish friendship with our distributor, supplier, courier and most importantly our customers, without them our business won’t run.

G = Grow

Always tries to grow as an individual as well as business. Grow can mean open to ideas, open to changes, always in the lookout for new opportunities.

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